• Milwaukee Boat Line

Holding the title of ‘the hardest working lounge band in the Midwest’ is no easy task…unless you are the 5 Card Studs. Many things can be said about the 5 Card Studs – that they ‘spread their aural pleasure like jelly all over your biscuits’, they aim to ‘have a good time – ALL THE TIME’, that when they perform it’s an experience that is ‘so big it’s ALIVE!’. One thing is certain, though. The 5 Card Studs aren’t so much a cover band as much as they are an entertainment experience. Formed in 1995 for a one-off New Years Eve show, the five ‘studs’ – Mr. Reno Nevada (bass/vocals), Mr. Blake ‘the Lake’ Tahoe (guitar/vocals), Mr. Les Vegas (keys/vocals), Mr. Asti Spumanti (drums/charm) and Mr. Cesar Palace (vocals/moxie/chutzpah) – decided that it was simply too much fun to put down. 11 years and hundreds of shows later, the 5 Card Studs show absolutely no signs of slowing down. Buy Tickets.

- 21+ Show -