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The Subcontinentals are John Sieger on guitar and vocals, Mike Sieger on bass and vocals, Kelli Gonzalez on Vocals and keyboards and John (Ravi) Carr on drums. They have been in great bands like Semi-Twang and The R&B Cadets (The Sieger Brothers), and  Blue In The Face (John Carr). They started playing together in a zydeco band and found that to be so much fun they created The Subs.

The band concentrates on songs written by John, with Kelli adding a couple gems of her own. They also perform classic soul, country and anything from Brill Building pop Tex Mex barn-burners. Dancing has never been seen as a great sin at any of their gigs and having fun is generally the rule of the day. They have a pretty good handle on ballads —Kelli’s version of Dylan’s Just Like A Woman is a good example and when it's time to stretch out a little, John S. is usually up to the task.

Mike and Ravi are an especially tight rhythm section, Ravi is the son of an accomplished jazz drummer, Jack Carr and fills in on some of his gigs. Mike Sieger everybody's favorite high harmony singer and has been found once or twice perched above the female lead. The three voices can blend to make something big and beautiful, with John and Kelli alternating lead and Mike taking charge on occasion. Newly arrived is Jeff Stehr on keyboards, who is killing it on organ and piano — he can usually be found playing an update of rock-steady with his band. The Tritonics. Buy Tickets.

- 21+ Show -

August 6
August 13